Nocciolino - Acacia Honey Hazelnut Spread

  • In ancient times, giving a hazelnut tree as a gift was a wish for happiness. The same happiness provided by its fruits and the various combinations you can create with them. Hazelnuts go perfectly with chocolate, we all know that, however it is not the only match made in heaven: hazelnuts and acacia honey create a deliciously unexpected flavour.

    What makes our Nocciolino so special is the care and passion we put into the selection of hazelnuts. After toasting them slowly ina wood-burning oven, they are covered in high-quality acacia honey from the Matildiche Hills, at the foot of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Both ingredients are combined to create a spreadable cream, characterised by balanced flavour and the perfect texture, an ode to the care and time put into its creation.

    Nocciolino is free from thickeners and colourants, the perfect blend of sweetness and wholesomeness. Delicious spread on bread, a wonderful ingredient for all your desserts, or the perfect treat: enjoy a spoonful whenever you like.
  • Ingredients: 65% Acacia Honey, 35% Hazelnut Spread

     270 GR

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